Wollongong NSW Australia

Wollongong is often overlooked as a tourist destination, though for many of the travellers who visit the city it is a pleasant surprise with heaps of stuff to do and a total lack of crowds that are prevalent in the more touristy areas of Australia. So what exactly is there to do in this hidden gem? Plenty!

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The town of Wollongong lies just over an hour by road or 90 minutes by rail south of the Sydney CBD. Many locals refer to it as “The Gong.” With 17 beaches that are seasonally patrolled by life guards, if water sports are your thing then you will almost certainly not be disappointed such as Stanwell Park.

Obviously surfing is a huge past time in Wollongong and even surfers from Sydney head south to The Gong on the weekends.

If surfing isn’t your thing, then you might also enjoy rock fishing or just swimming in the surf. (Be sure to follow the local’s lead on rock fishing as it can be dangerous in large seas as several rock fishermen are killed each year in Australia).

Other water based activities like kite boarding, windsurfing and skim boarding are all quite popular too. Wollongong is also home to the Thirroul Bike Track which is 13 kilometers long so if you are into mountain biking or running, you won’t be left with nothing to do.

It’s also suitable for roller-blading! It rins along the coast line and has sensational views of the water and some great Australian bushland. Again, many people from Sydney head south on the weekends just to take advantage of this track.

If you like bush-walking, then check out Mount Keira or Mount Kembla which both offer several public and well-marked bush-walking tracks for various levels of fitness.
If you are a sports fan and want to experience the madness of an Aussie sports event, then the locals are mad rugby league fans.

Wollongong is the home of the top-tier team, the St George Illawara Dragons who play at the top level in the National Rugby League. This team has traditionally been one of the most powerful teams in the NRL’s 100 year history and the locals are understandably proud.

If you want to see a game, the Dragons play at WIN Stadium in Wollongong. WIN Stadium also hosts a lot of other events like motor-cross and basketball if you are interested.

If nightlife is what you are looking for then Wollongong also has a pretty active club and pub scene. Cooneys, The glasshouse tavern, St, Castros, The Illawarra Hotel, The Harp Hotel, The Oxford hotel and the north Wollongong Hotel are all popular local venues open until all hours.

Most of these places have a laid back atmosphere and you will also find that Wollongong is a lot cheaper for nightlife than any of the major cities.

As you can see, there is really no shortage of things to do in Wollongong so if you’re in Australia it’s definitely a place to consider. Head south from Sydney and experience the outdoor and beach lifestyle of Australia’s most liveable city.